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Creating a vision June 19, 2007

Posted by rickbron in Bronder on Vision.

p5130012.jpgAll great leaders have a vision. Not sure what your vision is? The Big Dogz know how to create a vision. Just follow this process:

You will be using a 3 column page format.

1.      Label the first column “Characteristic”. Now, think about your company as an item to buy. How would you evaluate it? What are the characteristics of a company that you would evaluate before buying it? For example, you might consider market niche, market share, number of employees, industry, etc. Begin the visioning process with a list those characteristics down the left hand side of a page in the first column. After you have listed all the characteristics you would consider, put them in priority order; high, medium, low is good enough.

2.      Label the second column “Current State”. Identify the current state of your company for each characteristic you identified. Be specific and use quantitative descriptions like annual revenue, number of employees, etc. wherever possible. If you can not use quantitative measurements, then use qualitative measurements like fair, good, excellent, etc. If you use qualitative measurements, be sure to include a brief explanation of what that measurement means to you. Provide the kind of information you would want to be able to make a purchase decision. Do not put information about how you think it should be, or what you would want to tell your friends it is — provide an accurate picture. If you can not describe the current state of any characteristic, go find out what it is.

3.      Label the third column “Desired End Result”. For each characteristic, identify the desired measurement. Think into the future. A good time horizon is 3-5 years; however use a horizon that is comfortable for you. Again use quantitative measurements wherever possible; and for any qualitative measurements, include a description. Do not worry about the desired end measurement being different than the current measurement if that is how you see your company in the future. Now is the time to identify any characteristics your company does not have; but you want it to have this characteristic in the future. Specify the characteristic in column one and the desired end result in column three. Put these in the proper priority position.

4.      Now it is time to sell the company. Not really — however, you are going to write an advertisement for the future company. Think about prospective buyers. What language would you use to get them to buy your company? What are the exciting words that will generate interest and enthusiasm in your selected buyer? You can write a quite lengthy copy if you want. Get excited and try to appeal to the kind of buyer you would want to sell. After you have written the advertisement, let it sit awhile — at least 24 hours. Now come back to the copy and condense it while keeping the essence of the advertisement. Iterate through the condensing until you have it down to a sentence or two. You now have your vision. Start sharing it!

A vision is a powerful tool for keeping you focused and for drawing others to follow you. Use this simple process and you will have a vision that is customized to you.



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