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Craigslist for Expanding Sales & Services August 25, 2007

Posted by David Dirks in Sales Tactics, Small Business Advertising.

dirksphoto.jpgHow can I advertise locally and without great expense to get the word out on my goods and/or services?

While sites like EBay can help improve sales, grow revenues, and increase profitability, a site like craigslist (small ‘c’ is how they brand it!) can help do the same. If you haven’t seen or used it (www.craigslist.com), craigslist is an online service that provides FREE local classified ads and has nearly 25,000,000 visitors each month and growing. They make their money on selling help wanted ads but all other ads are free.

This morning I went on craigslist to see what was being posted in my area for goods and services. On craigslist, you can click on your state, then find your local area, and then select what you’re looking for from a broad list of categories.

I clicked on ‘creative’ and found one enterprising person who just opened her own PR shop with an ad that announced her services. Excellent! She’s using craigslist (and surely other online and offline ways) to market her services. My point would be: you need to utilize every possible way to get your name in front of people in your local market. That said, craigslist is somewhat mass market so you don’t know who’s really looking for PR services but hey, the ad is FREE. So who cares?

If you have merchandise you want to move or services you want to sell, then I would give craigslist a try. The key is it provides another local avenue for you to get the goods or the word out.



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