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Bring Your Expertise to Expert Village September 12, 2007

Posted by David Dirks in Buzz Marketing: Lowest Cost/Highest Payoff, Sales Tactics, Small Business Advertising.

How can I expand my business brand and showcase my expertise to the world for little expense?

A great question which deserves a solid answer. ExpertVillage (www.expertvillage.com) is one way you might consider doing it if you have a little time and some filmmaking ability (or know someone who does!). With the cost of higher quality video cameras coming down rapidly and software like Apple’s Final Cut Express, you can do this.

First, let’s talk about ExpertVillage. If you go onto the site, you’ll immediately see what it’s all about: an online warehouse full of ‘how-to’ video footage on almost any topic you can think of (with some notable exceptions like no ‘adult’ stuff or that distasteful slapstick you find on YouTube). They provide you with a written package of production guidelines that will keep you on track.

expertvillage.jpgAnyone with a decent video camera, basic sound equipment, and some inexpensive and easy to use software (like Final Cut Express) can record, edit and showcase their talent via ExpertVillage.

Did I mention that ExpertVillage pays you for your efforts too? Yes, it’s true. After you shoot and edit your ‘how-to’ project for them, and if they accept it (they do have basic standards you know), ExpertVillage posts your footage on their site. They own the footage and you get to share with the world your knowledge.

If you don’t see a topic that covers your expertise, you can suggest the topic to them and they might just offer it.

When you sign up, take the site tutorial to learn how this all works. ExpertVillage makes it’s money when it matches up your topic with potential advertisers. It’s a great idea.

The key point is that you can get additional (and very valuable) online media exposure and get paid for it at the same time. They post your bio on the site and will list your business website as well. After you completed one, you could send out a press release to all of your local media, noting that ExpertVillage has now made your expertise available for all to see online. It’s a great thing.

Just take a minute and find a topic and you’ll see some very astute small business folks who understand how to make this work for them. And they pay YOU for the effort! Only in America.



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