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Getting requests completed December 10, 2007

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p5130012.jpg  Getting results! How many times do we make requests of others and they do not respond. They agree to do what we ask, but there is no action. The Big Dogz know how to get people to keep their commitments by using a three step process. Here it is: 

1. Make your request with a benefit identified In my previous post on the action principle, https://growingmybusiness.wordpress.com/2007/09/28/105/ , I addressed how to get someone motivated to do something you want. First you frame the request around something important to them. Most people will agree to do something if you show them the personal benefit of doing it. When they do what you have asked, thank them and you are done. If they have not done what you asked, go to step 2. 

2. Reiterate your request and include an offer to help. When you have not seen the results you requested, it may be because the person does not have the resources, knowledge or time to do what you ask. In some cases they may just have forgotten you asked them to do it. The Big Dogz know that people are not just ignoring you, they may need some help. Approach the person and remind them of the previous discussion and their commitment to you. Ask them if there is some way you can help them to do what you ask. This help could be a reminder, some resource, the time to do it or just an explanation of how it is done. Be sincere in your offer of help. Provide whatever help you commit to provide and when they do what you have asked, thank them. If they still have not done what you ask, then move onto step 3. 

3. Reiterate the request and identify the consequences. Again, you have not gotten the result you wanted. Meet with the person again and identify the consequences of them not doing what you ask. In providing consequences, it is important to remember that you must be willing and able to carryout the consequences. Too frequently we identify consequences that are considered idle threats or consequence not appropriate for the lack of action. Prior to having this discussion, rationally develop the consequences rather than reacting during this meeting. Most likely this person will have a set of excuses that will possible upset you. Listen to them, but be firm in identifying the consequences. When they do what you have asked, thank them. If they do not do what you have asked, apply the consequences. You may need to do this step, each time escalating the consequences, until you get what you have asked.  

By following this simple three step process consistently, you will send a strong message to people that commitments to you are taken seriously. You will even find that when you use step one to make your request, people will immediately respond with what assistance they need to fulfill your request.

Experiment with this process over the next thirty days and start getting a higher rate of success with your requests being completed. 



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