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Politics, darn politics! February 14, 2008

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p5130012.jpg  Politics! #$%@^%$ politics!  

Are you frustrated by office politics in your organization? Are you not getting the attention, recognition and resources you need to be effective? Most people think that politics is about: 

It is not what you know, it is who you know. 

The above statement is usually accompanied by a whine and a “woe is me tone”. The Big Dogz know that politics is not about the above. They know this: 

It is not what you know, it is who knows you. 

The Big Dogz take control; they are proactive. The Big Dogz know that in any organization there are many people who are qualified to do a given task.  The people who get the opportunity to perform are those that are known by the decision makers. Just think how you would assign a task. What if you had two people who could do the task and one of them you knew better than the other? Which one would you choose? The one you knew, of course. Same thing is true of the decision makers in your organization.  How do you get known?

First you identify who are the key decision makers and then you generate a pubic relations plan that gets you in front of those people! Don’t try to get in front of those people just to get “face time”. Insincere efforts will yield negative results. Sometimes this “face time” is a drop in visit or a more formal situation like a presentation. How can you get in front of them to show that you are the best person to do what you do? There are no easy answers. Put on your creativity hat and figure out how to get in front of those decision makers. Your career may depend upon it! 

Many people in organizations think it is the responsibility of upper management to be aware of the talent in their organizations. Let me tell you, these men and women are busy enough trying to address the key issues facing the business. They do not have time to learn everyone’s capability. Look for opportunities to showcase yourself and your people. 

If you are a manager, you want to create a public relations plan for your key people so they can get the opportunities they deserve. 

Want to be a Big Dog? Over the next 30 days, create a public relations plan for yourself and your key people. Without it, you are leaving your future up to chance, or one of the Big Dogz will snatch it away from you!



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