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How to Create More Revenue Streams March 9, 2008

Posted by David Dirks in e-Small Business Resources, Increasing Your Profitability, Sales Strategy/Tactics, Solving Business Problems.
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David DirksIf you’re looking for ways to increase revenues, www.cafepress.com might have the fix you need. The concept is simple: you set up a free online store within cafepress.com, decide what kinds of items you want customized to your designs, and start selling them.

If you have a loyal customer base, they might want to purchase items with your customized designs on them. Shirts, hats, mugs, books, cds, you name it and Cafepress.com can just about make it for you.

In this case, you don’t carry any inventory nor do you pay for any until a customer actually purchases it from your online store provided by carepress.

How do you profit? You make the difference between what Cafepress charges you for the item and what you decide to charge for it. And, with their basic store, you pay nothing. If you decide to upgrade to an online store with more features, then it could cost you as little as $4.95 per month to have your own online store.

Check out their website at www.cafepress.com and check it out. Build a free online store; determine what merchandise you want to carry, and promote it in every communication point you have with your customers. They can’t make it any easier than this.

Non-profits take note: This is an excellent way to create additional development funds when donation money gets tight. You risk no capital and have the chance to get your nonprofit supporters to buy merchandise that provides great benefit to your cause. It’s all good.



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