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Power up your P/T ratio May 25, 2008

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p5130012.jpg Want to drive up your P/T ratio? Management is about getting things done through people. An effective measure of management success is the P/T ratio. Here is a quick summary of the P/T ratio — P represents the people activity you are engaged in, and T represents the Task activity. See my previous post on the P/T ratio to understand the basics. As part of focusing on their P/T ratio, the Big Dogs keep a daily log of where they are making an impact. For an effective first level manager, the P/T ratio is between 1.0 and 2.0; as you advance up the management ladder, the higher your P/T ratio.


The first step in powering up your P/T ratio is to do more delegating of your T activities. For sensitive T activities like your budget, cultivate one of your direct reports in the skill of budgets. This is one of my favorite T activities to delegate. Find the most technical person on your staff, show them your budget and turn them loose. Make sure you put controls in place so you can validate the work being done. It is amazing how much time and money can be saved by letting your direct reports do your budget. Another  big T that you can delegate is planning. Put together your goals, a strategy statement and then let your direct reports work as a team to create your plans. This approach has dual benefits. It offloads a big T for you and creates commitment amongst your staff on the plans because the plans are theirs! Now let’s focus on more P activity.


A huge P you can focus on is rewards. It is incredible the impact giving rewards can have on your people. Create a list of possible rewards for each of your direct reports. Just to get you started, get a copy of 1001 ways to Reward People by Bob Nelson. Think about rewards you have been given and how you felt about it; and then think about rewards you saw others get and you would have liked to receive. Create a list for each person — customized for them. Make it a priority to give 10 rewards a week; that is just 2 a day, and a huge impact on  P. People love working for managers that give rewards. They will do extraordinary things for you.


Next, focus on development. In general, most people are looking for ways to enhance their skill set or to become more effective at what they currently do. Look for opportunities to get highly visible work assignments for your people. Get them in front of the decision makers. When it comes time for promotions or organizational recognition, your people will be in the minds of those decision makers. A great “double dipper” P activity is to send your people to meetings to represent you. Give them the power to make decisions in your place. It creates a development opportunity while off loading even more T activity. As an added bonus, this activity also increases the personal power of the person you send.


So, like the Big Dogs, get on top of your P/T ratio Take a few minutes right now to make a list of what you could do to power up your  P/T ratio.




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