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Leadership accountability July 8, 2008

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p5130012.jpg Great leaders take responsibility and redirect praise. The Big Dogz know that your people will appreciate you giving credit to them for a job well done; and that you will accept accountability when results are less than expected. The Big Dogz follow this principle:


In public — always give credit and always take blame while holding people accountable privately.


For example, you may be asked in a meeting with your manager who is to blame for the project being behind schedule. The correct answer is always “Me!” As the leader of the project team, you are responsible for its successes and its failures. The project would be on schedule if you had done a more effective job of managing the project. I understand that individuals may lack the ability or willingness to complete a task. This is why you have the situational coaching model to help you make adjustments. Ineffective managers are quick to blame subordinates for failures when in fact the failure is almost always something that could have been fixed by more effective management. The Big Dogz always do after action analysis to figure out how they could have been more effective.


In those situations where one of your team members was not able or willing to complete their assigned task, you will use the performance feedback to help the team member to improve.


Another more enjoyable situation is when your manager praises you for your team’s high performance on a particular project. The Big Dogz respond by saying “Thank you”, and then proceed to articulate the specific contributions of the team members. Also, the Big Dogz return to the team and inform them about how pleased your manager was with their progress and that you specifically described their contributions. In special situations where a particular person has exceeded your expectations, you will want to use the performance feedback process to take advantage of the situation. Of course, this is an opportunity to reward both individuals and the team. The Big Dogz always take advantage of opportunity to celebrate!


The Big Dogz follow this principle of giving credit and taking blame. You can be more effective as a leader when you adopt this principle. Resist the tendency to place blame or to take credit. Over the next 30 days, look for opportunities to apply this principle.




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