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Supporting strategic plans October 3, 2008

Posted by rickbron in business strategy, Management.
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p5130012.jpg Want to show that you are a team player? The Big Dogz know that supporting your manager’s strategic plan is one of the ways you can be perceived as a key resource on the management team.  Here is how they do it.


Find out the elements of the strategic plan. Too often, the details of the strategic plan are shared only at the senior manager level. It is not that these managers want to keep the plan secret; they do not want to burden others with too much information. So, if you want to run with the Big Dogz, then you must do some research. Getting a copy of the strategic plan is usually as simple as just asking for it. If the plan is not documented, then you may have to do some interviewing with your manager to find out the focus of the strategic plan. However you do it, find out what direction the senior management team wants to take your organization.


Once you have the plan, review your department goals. Are they aligned with the strategic goals? Are there other contributions your group can make to help accomplish the strategy? If you find that your group does not support the strategy, initiate a discussion with your manager on how your group can contribute.  Working with your manager, establish a clear set of goals that support the strategy. Next, prioritize those goals.


Look at how you can accomplish your aligned goals with the resources in your group.  Write the goal using the SMART model. That is — Specific result, Measureable, Aligned, Realistic and Time based. Assign goals to specific people or groups of people. Ask them to create action plans that will deliver the results you have articulated. Use effective project management techniques to ensure the success of your goals.


If you need additional resources outside your control, identify how you will get those resources. Do not assume that because you need input from another group that it will be in their plan. Make sure all external dependencies are aligned with your plans. You may need to enlist the help of your manager to get this task accomplished.


Taking the time to align your team goals with the strategic goals will pay huge dividends to you in the long run. The Big Dogz know that supporting strategic goals is an important element in getting the resources you and your people need to be successful.


Over the next thirty days, look at your department’s goals and verify they are aligned with the senior manager strategy. If they are not, take action to get your goals aligned.




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