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Developing managers October 10, 2008

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p5130012.jpg All organizations need managers. The Big Dogz know that having effective managers is no magic act; it takes effort to spot and develop managers that will lead your organization. Three levels of management need to be identified and developed. The three levels are first level, middle and executive management. Here is a look at an approach to spot and develop these managers.


Potential first level manager


What to look for:

1.      Ability to manage themselves

2.      Strong analytical skills related to problem solving

3.      Ability to learn and teach others

4.      Motivation to become a leader

5.      Concern for others

6.      Self awareness


How to develop:

1.      Give them team leader assignments to accomplish a goal without giving them authority. If they can get this done, then you can give them position power.

2.      Have them chair a task force to investigate a business opportunity within your area of responsibility.

3.      Provide them a person to mentor. Set specific learning objectives for the mentee to validate that the candidate can teach others.

4.      Ask them to provide feedback on their own performance. Pay attention to insure that they give you balanced, honest feedback. Watch to see if they apply the lessons learned.

5.      Ask their opinion about a key organizational issue. How would they handle it? Ask them to justify their answers.


Potential middle manager


What to look for:

  1. Demonstrated management skill, not just talent
  2. Demonstrated leadership
  3. Strong problem solving
  4. Effective decision maker
  5. Thinks strategically
  6. Results that are above average
  7. Has built strong networks
  8. Enjoys working through others
  9. Motivated to advance


How to develop:

  1. Provide training on higher-level management functions like budgeting, strategic planning, forecasting etc.
  2. Give them assignments that push skill limits
  3. Chair a task force that addresses a broad business issue
  4. Get them in front of higher management to present their team’s results
  5. Have them sponsor a cross functional team
  6. Let them manage your budget
  7. Let them represent you on a major project
  8. Delegate one of your major responsibilities
  9. Involve them in your decision making process


Potential executive manager


What to look for:

  1. Constructively challenges how we do business
  2. Understands the business, not just their area
  3. Makes an effort to be informed
  4. Articulates a vision and strategy
  5. Volunteers to work across business units
  6. Focuses on results
  7. Bases decisions on data
  8. Surrounds themselves with competent people


How to develop:

  1. Fund or encourage formal education, especially elements of an MBA
  2. Sponsor attendance at executive level conferences
  3. Have them present a business problem with alternative solutions and a recommendation to the executive committee
  4. Point out cross business unit opportunities
  5. Get them an executive level mentor
  6. Encourage them to join outside associations
  7. Give them an assignment to represent the company in the community
  8. Have them participate in a public speaking program


The Big Dogz know that these ideas are just the beginning. You will need to be proactive in seeking out development opportunities. Once you start to focus on finding development activities, you will see that it gets easier. The key is to find opportunities that will help the person grow while helping your business grow.


Take a few minutes right now and identify people who you can help move into management.



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