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iPad for Business April 13, 2010

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My iPad arrived yesterday and I spent a good portion of last night working with it.  My initial observations:  easy to set up (I’m on a iMac already), easy to use and figure things out.  It’s probably the most intuitive piece of technology that Apple has made yet.  The directions, if you could call them that, are paper thin for a reason: it just works…easily.  The iPad I have is the 64gig wi-fi only model.  I don’t use the camera on the Macbook the iPad is REPLACING anyway.  Yes, I’m replacing the Macbook (only four months old) and going with the iPad.  Trust me when I say this: when you use an iPad, you’re staring at the future…right now.

From a business perspective, I’ve put the challenge to myself to swap the Macbook for the iPad (the Macbook is for sale) and do all my mobile work on that.  Word processing, online research, emails, etc.  Whatever shortcomings it is supposed to have (no camera, no multi-tasking, etc.) it clearly makes up for.  You have to experience it in order to understand the meaning of what I just said.

So, from this moment forward, any mobile computer work I do, which is a lot, will happen right from the iPad.  If you already own an iPad or are thinking of buying one AND you’re on Linkedin, you can join my newly formed iPad group, the iPad Business Forum…follow this url: http://tinyurl.com/iPadBiz.



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