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What Did You Do Today? April 14, 2011

Posted by David Dirks in business strategy.
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On my way into lower Manhattan each day, it seems that the Girl Scouts are everywhere.  Not that Girl Scouts are hanging around the Path train station.  Rather, the signage of their current branding and recruitment campaign is everywhere.

You just have to love this campaign.  It positions the Girls Scouts as a modern looking, leadership bound, outside experience, and girl power organization while at the same time it works as a recruitment tool for both potential scouts and leaders.

What did you do today? Just the line itself pulls you inward and makes your think…just what did I do today that helped me and my community?  It’s a powerful use of both imagery and words that strikes a deep cord…at least to me and perhaps many others who trudge everyday into the bowels of Manhattan…spending hours each week just moving in and out of the Big Apple.

I particularly like the global image being projected here.  That the Girl Scouts are not just a USA thing.  The Girl Scouts embrace world cultures and religions.  It’s a statement of both openness and a welcoming nature.  It’s a celebration of women, both older and younger, sharing in the spirit of learning, community, leadership, ambition, and experience.

From a branding point of view, this campaign is a textbook example the simplicity and power of imagery married with meaningful, powerful statement.  Clean and simple.

What did you do today?

PS:  They cleverly launched this campaign during the annual Girl Scout cookies sale.  Very clever indeed.