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Your Personal Board of Directors March 20, 2008

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p5130012.jpg  Want more brainpower? The Big Dogz know how to get more brainpower; they assemble a group of bright people to advise them. Woodrow Wilson was a Big Dog who said: 

“I not only use all the brains I have, but I all I can borrow” 

Here is how you do it: 

  1. Identify areas of your life that you feel you could use some help. For example, financial decisions, merger or acquit ion opportunities, promoting yourself, salary decisions, using technology — well, you get the drift.


  1. Identify people you know who are subject matter experts in that area.


  1. Ask them if they will mentor you in that subject. You will be surprised how many people are flattered by your request and would be willing to help you for free!


  1. Repeat this process until you have created your own “Board of Directors” who will provide you with guidance and suggestions in any area that you need.

 The Big Dogz know the really good news. You don’t need actual people to do this. You can tap into the wisdom of the ages and you can tap into the minds of the most successful people that have ever lived. Here how you do it: 

  1. Identify the person you want to have on your “Board of Directors”. Be daring. Pick the best of the best.


  1. Of course, your pick will be famous and lots of people have studied and written about this person. This is even true of contemporary high achievers. Read all you can about this person.  Check out the biography, the autobiography and the stories about them. Learn all you can.


  1. Now when you need advice, tap into the mental store house of knowledge you have accumulated. I have a friend who uses visualization for this process. He goes to a quiet place and relaxes. He closes his eyes and “sees” the other person sitting across from him. Then, he has a conversation; asking questions and visualizing the responses.

 The Big Dogz have a “Board of Directors” made up of both real people and virtual people to go to for advice and counsel. Putting together your personal “Board of Directors” begins with you identifying the areas where you might need help. Next, start identifying the sources for your board.  

You will on your way to increasing the brainpower you can bring to any situation.