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Announcing change March 2, 2009

Posted by rickbron in Dealing with change, Managing change.
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Most of us do not deal well with change. The Big Dogz make it easier for people to deal with change by giving all the data about the change. They make effective presentations about change and make it easier for people to understand and support the change. The Big Dogz construct effective change announcements by considering these three critical elements.



What do you know about this change? What don’t you know? What are the goals and how will we know we are making progress. What systems are changing? Make sure your message is consistent with the message given by your manager. What are the benefits associated with this change? What obstacles might we encounter in implementing this change? Think about what questions people might have about the change. Try to answer those questions in your kickoff talk. The key here is to give as much information as possible.


Performance management

What metrics are changing? Does this change affect individual or team performance? What changes are there in how we measure our upstream supplier deliverables? How will our deliverables to our customers be different? What is the impact on compensation? What systems will we use to track results? How soon will we get feedback on our performance? What are the rewards for high performance? What are the consequences of not meeting the new metrics?



What training will we get to support the change? When will the training be available? What support functions like FAQ or help desk will be available? What is the training delivery method — instructor face to face or computer based?   Will we have to train others on this change? Who is training our suppliers to adhere to the change?


Although these three elements are not the only focal points of a change announcement, they go a long way towards addressing the anxiety people have about change. Before you announce the next change to your group, take a few minutes to sketch out what you will say based upon reflection of these three elements. You will look more professional and your people will appreciate you taking the time to be clear in your announcement.