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Strategy: The Paperless Office November 19, 2009

Posted by David Dirks in Dirks On Strategy: Episodes.
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The idea of a truly paperless office has been the subject of many discussions within many different business communities but with very little results to show for the effort.  We’re talking today about the so-called, paperless office.  It’s a concept that’s been bantered about for many years now.  How many businesses do you know that actually operate without a huge paper trial?  If you’re like me, you haven’t found many if any that have a truly paperless office.  So, I ask you, is the concept paperless office dead or alive?  Is it real or a dream?  And if you can implement a paperless office, the question of what’s the business benefit begs to be asked.

To help us understand the process of creating a paperless office and the benefits to both the clients and the business itself, is Dr. Mark Driver and the Office manager of Hudson Valley ENT, a medical practice that has actually created a true paperless office and has reaped the many benefits that come with harnessing technology.